40 is Fabulous!!

by Sarah McSweeney on August 25, 2011

I called a friend of mine to reluctantly invite her to my birthday party labor day weekend. I say reluctant, because for a long time now, I’ve been in the closet about my age. 

Up until just recently, I’ve been very quiet about the number of times I’ve been around the sun.  Instead I tell people to guess, and then agree with whatever age they throw at me.  I’ve been trying to slow down time by sheer will alone, hoping that if I resist it hard enough the numbers will go away.  I’ve had the breaks on, especially in these last few months, burning rubber as I helplessly watch the last grains of sand trickling through the hourglass. 

 As I lamented to my friend about the upcoming milestone, she surprised me by stating without hesitation “Oh, 40 is Fabulous!”  I eagerly took in her imprint as she gushed about how great it was turning 40, and I relished in her excitement and support of accepting the big 4-0 as fabulous.  Now, with only days to go, I can no longer hide my head in the sand.  So I’ve decided to instead, embrace the inevitable with great zest, merge with my friends’ exuberance about turning 40 and throw myself a fabulous 40th birthday party! 

Paradoxically, since I’ve turned the corner to really embracing my new decade, a strange sort of liberation is coming over me.  I’m beginning to get a sense of peace with myself and my changing appearance, and a relief is being lifted off of my shoulders with the thought that I no longer need to try and squeeze  into a shoe that does not fit.  That was my 30’s shoe.  Musically speaking, I feel an excitement at discovering and committing to my own genre of music that genuinely comes from my heart and spirit.  Rather than trying to write a hit song, or attempting to sound commercial, or write in a way that I think others want to hear, I feel like my experience on this planet has earned me the right to own my own unique voice, and my unique reason for being here that no one can duplicate but me.  I’m not even sure what that will look like, which is very exciting!  That means endless and unlimited possibilities that will grow and expand as I do!  Something new is on the horizon, ready to be birthed thru my new and improved wise being!

Coincidentally, (although I don’t believe in co-incidents) I’ve had some very unique opportunities offered to me in recent weeks.  In the past, I’ve played a lot of restaurant gigs, background music for parties, weddings, funerals, my repertoire consisting of dozens of cover songs that could keep me singing for hours.  My upcoming gigs, however, require that I play original music only, leaning towards a spiritual message, giving me just the opening I need to go forward with this new venture of playing music that rings true with my heart and soul.  This awakening is causing me to examine, and get in touch with my true passion.  I’ve asked myself, “What message do I want to communicate to the listening audience?”  I’m seeing that my desire is to sing songs that support people in a real and spiritual way.  Songs that uplift, change, and transform lives.  Music that moves, and lyrics that inspire people to get in touch with their personal power and unique journey, and reflect on their own special gifts and awaken their true nature of love.  These are the messages that I am passionate about delivering, and I feel that fabulous 40 is just the beginning of my fabulous unfolding!

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Kenny October 6, 2011 at 10:24 am

Well I like the idea of “40 is fabulous”…I mean it is just another day in another week in another month in another year right?… I turned 40 last year and in all honesty nothing has changed….for better or worse I am still JUST me!

I hope 41 is more fabulous than 40 was…lol…maybe I should just hold out for 42?… :)


Sarah McSweeney October 6, 2011 at 4:42 pm

Exactly! Age is just a number, right!


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