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by Sarah McSweeney on May 30, 2013

I teach guitar lessons in Wimberley through a program called “Arts From The Heart”. This summer we’re having a 7 week course for group guitar lessons, and AFTH asked me to write up a bio for their web page.  This is what I wrote….

My name is Sarah McSweeney and I was born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes.  Along with the many beautiful lakes, Minneapolis is known for its extensive music scene and appreciation for the arts.  I was lucky to have parents that supported and encouraged my interest in music and music lessons and the many opportunities that the great city of Minneapolis offered.  As a matter of fact, my participation in music wasn’t an option.  It was a requirement for the kids in my family to be involved with music lessons.  I started piano lessons at age 6, added flute when I turned 11, began trombone when I entered high school, and finally picked up the guitar when I realized that its more portable and convenient than a keyboard.

Practicing wasn’t something I always wanted to do.  There were a lot of tears and arguments about my friends getting to play outside while I had to sit at the piano and practice.  But my mom didn’t give in.  She was old school, and practicing came first, no exceptions!  At the time I didn’t believe it when she said that I would thank her one day.  But alas, mom was right.  All those years of practicing, and putting in my time every day with my instruments paid off.   I wouldn’t trade it for anything, and today I thank her for it.

I was thrilled when Arts From The Heart asked me to teach guitar classes for their after school program.  I love and admire these women who have dedicated their time and efforts, to make music and the arts an essential part of children’s everyday lives.  They have collectively put a lot of thoughtfulness and heart into this worthwhile cause for the fantastic benefit of the kids in the Wimberley community, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

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