Does Music Heal?

by Sarah McSweeney on May 15, 2011

There are numerous examples and scientific studies today that show music does in fact have a healing effect on the brain, and the body.  Studies reveal that music can raise the levels of serotonin, aka, the “happy” hormone, found in the human brain and the digestive track, heal illness, and promote an overall sense of well-being.

 The following is an expert I found to be particularly helpful in describing the healing effects of music in a scientific, but tangible way.  The two paragraphs happen to refer to classical music, but I believe it applies to any musical genre that creates a feeling of well being in any given individual.

 “Classical music affects the brain’s organization and abilities, through its melody and rhythm. The rhythm raises the level of serotonin produced in your brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, involved in the transmission of nerve impulses that helps maintaining joyous feelings. When the brain produces serotonin, tension is eased. In fact depression is a consequence of the scarce production of this hormone. Serotonin is released when the brain is “positively shocked”. For instance: if we look at a splendid painting, smell a delicious scent, feel an extraordinary sensation, eat something delicious or listen to some charming music, then the brain lets off a certain amount of serotonin which arouses and maximizes pleasant feelings. Music’s rhythm can also stimulate other natural cadences of the body, resembling the heartbeat, or the Alfa-rhythm of the brain, and this effect is used to counter the development of clinical depression. The melody instead, is the “sparkle” that catalyses the creative process in our minds.
 The peculiarity of music is that while poetry and the literature must rely on the rational transport to inspire an emotion, since they are mediated from words, music omits this stage and points directly to stage of communicating emotions. Music does not pass through rationality to express its essence, it crosses right to our emotions.”

 I’m no expert on the brain or how it scientifically correlates with feeling good and healing the body, but I do know from my own personal experience the calming effect of music, and how it helps me in meditation, relaxation, emotional release, uplifting my spirit, and even enhancing my energy levels, assisting and promoting feeling good, and even inspired. Ever notice how some good energetic music can even inspire dance, or promote invigorating exercise?

Scientific research aside, music is a kind of medicine that everyone needs. For one it may be an avenue for treating illness or depression, for another it may be a way of experiencing more joy and inspiration.  Taking a healthy dose of music now can be a profound yet simple way to improve your health!

Some healing music I recommend:

Deva Premal “Embrace”

Israel Kamakawiwo’ole “Hawai’i ’78 Introduction”

Deepak Chopra “The Gift of Love”

Kutira & Raphael “The Calling”

Joe Vitale “Blue Healer” secrets that startle

Mathew Dixon “Zero Limits”

Sarah Marie “Opera Mantra”

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