VocaLibre Concert

by Sarah McSweeney on December 10, 2015

On Saturday, December 5th I attended my first VocaLibre concert,  an a cappella group at Texas State, directed by Craig Aamot.  I went to hear them perform an original piece I recently composed and recorded for choral ensemble.  What I didn’t anticipate was how incredible their interpretation of the performance was going to be, not only of my original piece but the entire concert.

Beginning with some profound words on a projector screen that was thought provoking and caused one to  reflect and think deeply about world issues, the voices softly came in from backstage, softly and sensitively at first, until gradually the singers entered on stage.

After a few songs in, I heard the beginning of my original mantra.  It started with a single solo alto line, joined by a solo soprano, and the sound was built layer by layer adding in the men until eventually all singers were in full voice, backed by piano, rhythm, flamenco guitar, and accompanied by a soaring opera descant.

As I listened to the building crescendo of my original piece I beamed proudly relishing every moment, every note, and every singer.   Feeling the light and the glowing pride of hearing my own piece executed so beautifully, and with so much skill, expression and feeling, I remember thinking I wish I could capture this moment and bathe in it forever!

The concert was entertaining from beginning to end, never a dull moment.  Each song flowed seamlessly from one selection to the next, spanning all genres, and tackling tough issues, challenging us to be aware of the choice to love versus fear, in the face of violence.

Throughout the evening I laughed, I cried, I had tears in my eyes.  My good friend confessed afterwards that he was so touched he was stifling back tears during the entire concert.  We, their captive audience, were filled with joy and light with the message of love and heartfelt truth that this group of amazing singers delivered so bravely and effectively.  They sang from the heart and bared their souls, made us laugh, and shared vulnerability and humor with us through song.  I was touched, as were all who attended that evening.

The fantastic ending of my mantra was met with thunderous applause from the audience.  I couldn’t be more proud and thrilled.  Thank you VocaLibre and director Craig Aamot, for helping make one of my dreams a reality.

Link to information on VocaLibre performaces: http://www.vocalibre.org/

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